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onsultancy & Management

PMC Global Aviation Solutions provides comprehensive aviation management consulting services designed to help clients optimize their operations to maximize efficiency and profitability. Our team of experienced professionals offers a range of services, from strategic planning and cost control to regulatory compliance and risk management. We provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each aviation organization.

Our Aviation Consultancy provides comprehensive safety and security services that help our clients achieve the highest standards of safety, security and operational performance. We assist our clients in addressing complex aviation challenges, leading to prevention of stagnation, inappropriate and contradictory decision-making and non-compliance, and promoting the establishment of an effective safety and security culture aligned with operational needs through the development of risk assessment strategies and policies, preventive measures and contingencies, resilience and quality assurance.


PMC Global Aviation is a leading aviation consultancy providing reliable and sustainable solutions to ensure safe operations with limited resources in a complex and ever-changing civil aviation environment. 


Our team of experts provide comprehensive consultancy services with a cost-effective approach, giving our customers the confidence to thrive.

PMC Global Aviation: Solutions

We strive to achieve an safe, secure, efficient, and sustainable

aviation industry.

PMC Global Aviation is an aviation consultancy that provides tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of its clients. Our team of experts provides a wide range of services, from aircraft acquisition and financing to maintenance, operations and training. We take a holistic approach to aviation solutions, focusing on perfecting our collaborative strategy to help move the industry to the highest standards of effectiveness and sustainability. 

Our Aviation Consultancy provides comprehensive support to governments, aviation authorities, and aviation stakeholders. We provide high quality advice and support to help ensure the safe, secure, and successful growth and expansion of aviation policies and operations. Our experienced consultants work with our clients to develop and implement effective aviation strategies and solutions.


Ensuring sustainability in safe operations with limited resources in a complex, demanding and ever-changing civil aviation environment in a cost-effective manner.

Ait Transport Sector


Support to aviation operators in evaluating their management system and to find opportunities for enhancement. 


Airport Management


Providing comprehensive and integrated solutions for airport safety and security operations. 

Aviation Oversight & Regulation


Assistance in improving aviation oversight ensuring aviation safety, quality, and efficiency.

Aviation Services


Identifying and pursue new business opportunities with our expert and creative consultancy solutions. 

Aviation Leasing & Finance


Guidance on legal and practical aspects of international aviation finance and leasing law. 


Aviation Training Intellegence


Management and intelligence consultancy in civil aviation training.

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