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about Pmac Global Aviation

About Us

Cost-Effective Virtual
Business Concept.

Inclusion, Equity & Diversity, Next Generation, Employment, Decent Jobs, Entrepreneurship.

PMC Global Aviation's is a professional and innovative aviation consultancy based in Willemstad, Curaçao.

Our vision is to be a leading civil aviation consultancy with a global perspective in the Caribbean.

The mission is to support states, aviation authorities and the aviation industry as a whole in ensuring sustainable success in conducting aviation operations in accordance with international regulations, plans, programs and recommended practices.

Our strategic goal is to help our clients navigate the complex aviation world with confidence and clarity, creating strategies and plans that drive success.

This is done by providing expert advice, support and solutions to aviation industry players on how to build capacity and develop human resources to achieve global aviation goals and achieve a safe, secure and sustainable aviation sector.

We support aviation service providers to achieve sustainable success in civil aviation operations and compliance, with emphasis on the aviation industry policy landscape, by supporting key stakeholders and decision makers to align their goals and interests with the common vision of a sustainable and innovative aviation sector. Preventing stagnation, inappropriate and/or contradictory decision-making and non-compliance.

Our seasoned aviation consultants and specialists have extensive experience in both emerging and developed markets, allowing PMC Global Aviation to provide its clients with a broad perspective and understanding of the industry from global, regional and local perspectives.
We develop and deliver our services through a virtual business concept. Our network of skilled professionals strives to ensure the highest performance standards and provide cost-effective solutions to our clients' needs.

“Our approach encourages organizational unity, foresight and flexibility to deal with a constantly changing environments.”


Synergy through
Strategic Collaboration.

PMC Global Aviation has entered into strategic alliances in accordance with the policies and cooperation system of ICAO, with the sole purpose of acquiring knowledge and technical expertise, to achieve sustainable success in supporting aviation service providers, government organizations and aviation authorities with high-quality advisory and support services.

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