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An interesting and very well described picture of the current situation.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­An interesting and very well described picture of the current situation, by a friend with whom I worked for years. The Covid-19 pandemic affects not only communities, but all economic sectors as well. With his article, he brings up an aspect that is universal in the situation we are experiencing now. Very interesting, and I share it with you.

By Sunil Mirchandani (Sunil M)

Health & Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Everybody keeps asking me this qs, is there gonna be a new normal and my answer is a simple Yes. But then this is gonna be temporary, before everything goes back to the normal which we have been so used to and when is that going happen? when the vaccine is developed to fight the COVID19.

But prior to that are we gonna live in a state of psychos or state of fear or a mere state of acceptance.

It’s all in our hands to pre determine our next course of action. I say we need to have a blend of all the 3. We need to come to terms and accept that COVID is gonna be amongst us for the time being, it is how we have to handle it, we need to fear for the lives for the elderly and the sick so that they don’t contract and protect them by protecting ourselves first. On the flights, before taking off, the airhostess gives us a set of instructions in case of emergencies and one of them being putting on the oxygen mask, we as adults need to put the mask first before we can protect the younger ones, similarly here is the case. State of psychos is also needed for us to keep us grounded that we need not go overboard and do within limits and follow instructions from experts and not become experts ourselves.

Within the Health industry, all started off with great enthusiasm thinking that this would be gone within a few week and here we are few months down the line and still no respite from COVID19. All the zest has fizzled away, lockdown has started to take a toll on the minds of the people and now we have come to realize how strong the mind is over the physical aspect. Earlier we were talking of exercising and healthy body and now we are talking of healthy mind. How we should overcome anxiety and control our emotions in times such as this. People have lost jobs, lost businesses, all in a blink of an eye. All the years of efforts for which they have been working and toiling for all seems to be crumbling right in front of their eyes and nothing much can be done. It’s here we are beginning to realize the much forgotten words HOPE and FAITH. We all are hopeful that things will get back to normalcy soon and the faith that the scientists and Drs will come up with the vaccine pretty soon.

So, folks get ready for the new normal of sanitizing and sanitizing before consuming. For some it might become a part of living and some would pretty well give up ahead of time. It’s a matter of time when 2020 shall be written down in the books of history as one of the eye opener years for MANKIND, glad that we have been a part of this history and hope we could be a part of the change for a better new tomorrow.

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