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A safety-oriented culture in aviation; not a necessary evil.

Aviation Safety

Safety comes first in the aviation sector. It's not just a checkbox to be checked; it is a fundamental aspect of business operations. Airlines, manufacturers and regulators all work together to ensure passengers and crew members are safe during flights.

Safety culture plays an important role here. A safety-oriented culture must permeate every level of an organization. It means that for example:

  • Pilots, flight attendants, mechanics and ground crews must understand the importance of following safety protocols.

  • Air traffic controllers must avoid self-induced distractions during their air traffic management operations.

  • Regulators must promulgate and enforce the rules and regulations to ensure the safety of the traveling public, and not become part of the problem.

When culture is aligned with safety, it leads to better decision making. Pilots will not hesitate to divert a flight if they encounter adverse weather conditions or technical difficulties. Technicians will thoroughly inspect planes before they take off, even if it means a flight delay. And flight attendants will ensure passengers follow safety instructions during emergency situations.

But what happens when safety is perceived as an inconvenience? When seen as a necessary evil that slows down business operations or incurs costs?

That's when problems arise. If an airline prioritizes profit over safety, it may cut corners, delay maintenance schedules or ignore crew fatigue. Such compromises can have disastrous results.

Aviation safety is non-negotiable, passengers trust airlines with their lives, and that trust must be honored with an unwavering commitment to the safety of everyone in the aviation value chain.

It is important to sustainably increase the aviation industry's commitment to safety, it is what keeps you safe at 30,000 feet.

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Feb 22
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Excellent advice presented in a nice, to the point fashion! Thank you!

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