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The need for a Caribbean Netherlands Aviation Safety organization

PMC Global Aviation is a staunch supporter of a Caribbean Netherlands Aviation Safety Organization (CNASO). This to create capacity through collaboration to achieve sustainable success in guaranteeing a high and uniform level of safety in civil aviation in the Caribbean Netherlands.

It is important to consider the ICAO-NACC Regional Aviation Safety Plan (ICAO-NACC/RASP). Since the Caribbean Netherlands geographically is part of and connected to the Caribbean region, European Netherlands (EASA) best practices that apply can always amplify efforts.

Recently we saw associations arise with the aim of jointly supporting each other and creating synergistic cooperation initiatives to achieve a common goal. Initiatives that PMC GLOBAL AVIATION supports!

Additionally, these initiatives are closely related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 17 and are in line with ICAO's policy and cooperation system for sharing and transferring knowledge and technical expertise to support capacity building.

Examples Are:

1. The initiative of the Dutch Caribbean Cooperation of Airports (DCCA), with the aim of investing maximum energy and efforts to make inter-island connections more affordable for the people and more sustainable for the planet, by introducing electric flying between the Windward and Leeward islands in the Caribbean Netherlands. with prospects of expansion into the Caribbean.

2. Another great effort and also an emerging issue are the cooperation initiatives between air traffic control units in the Caribbean Netherlands to develop new regulations with the aim of ensuring that all air traffic control units in the Caribbean Netherlands sustainably meet the most recent safety requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) with regulations that are essentially equivalent in content to achieve efficiency in aviation oversight.

Based on the above, it becomes urgent to establish and promote a concerted effort to counteract stagnation, inappropriate and/or contradictory decision-making and non-compliance.

A collaborative initiative which role, among others is to develop and implement a National Aviation Safety Plan (NASP) consistent with ICAO’s Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP), Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP), and ICAO-NACC Regional Aviation Safety plan (RASP) to the extent applicable.

And coordinating its implementation at the national level. By aligning civil aviation initiatives with the ICAO's SARPs, ensuring compliance, and guaranteeing inclusion of every person and territory of the Dutch Kingdom in the socio-economic benefits of a safe and reliable air transportation. Based on the "No Country Left Behind" (NCLB) initiative.

It is especially important that our aviation authorities and the aviation community remain vigilant for important safety issues, emerging issues, and other potential risks that these collaborative initiatives may pose.

PMC GLOBAL AVIATION is convinced that with the CNASO we will be able to achieve sustained success in effectively conducting safety oversight in the Caribbean Netherlands and to support ICAO's efforts to resolve significant safety issues identified through aviation safety oversight audits, other safety controls, and emissions-related targets.

The CNASO, As the National entity responsible for the development and implementation of the NASP which should be consistent with The GASP and GANP. A NASP that includes the strategic direction regarding aviation safety management, regional and national civil aviation-related initiatives, implementation strategy, and the resources required to deploy.

The NASP is the means to obtain National support and a mechanism for coordinating initiatives aimed at improving safety, security, and other aviation-related activities in the Caribbean Netherlands.

The CNASO should function as the main driver behind the planning and implementation of safety enhancement initiatives (SEIs) at National level.

PMC Global Aviation
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