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Partnership PMC Global Aviation & DYAMI Aviation

PMC GLOBAL is pleased to announce the partnership with Dyami Aviation to support civil aviation developments in the Caribbean region. Given the diversity of interesting aviation developments in our region, Dyami Aviation and PMC GLOBAL will offer services from Curaçao.

Partnership Dyami Aviation & PMC Global Aviation

This cooperation is the beginning of a fruitful exchange of knowledge and experience, with the aim of contributing to national and regional civil aviation.

In anticipation of the plans of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management to make flying in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom more affordable and dependable. And through a well-functioning network, availability of qualified expertise and aviation professionals, we can achieve socio-economic sustainability, a safe, secure, and reliable aviation system in a complex and changing civil aviation environment for all aviation stakeholders in the Caribbean.

The joint mission is to support national and regional governments, aviation authorities, airports, and airlines in the safe implementation of aviation policies and operations to enable sustainable growth and expansion.

We give a helping hand by making available our qualified expertise and aviation professionals to improve the implementation of civil aviation safety and security policies to protect social and economic interests. And through competency-based training guarantee access to competent aviation professionals to civil aviation stakeholders in the Caribbean now and in the future.

Dyami, founded by Eric Schouten, consists of more than thirty (30) experts and trainers from multiple disciplines, including safety, civil aviation security, operations, quality management and flight operations.

Cliff Belfor, aviation consultant at PMC Global, an aviation specialist with over twenty-five (25) years of experience in the aviation industry. An ISO certified internal auditor, ICAO certified training manager and developer, and aviation capacity-building strategist.

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