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Capacity-Building for the Aviation "New Normal": A strategic approach.

Participants of the NAM, CAR & SAM regions


Hosted by the University of Curaçao.

"PMC Global first activity in support of capacity-building efforts"


Aviation is an important economic pillar that generates economic growth, creates jobs and promotes international trade and tourism. Professional Management Consulting Global (PMC Global) advocates a concerted effort for sustained success in aviation safety performance with capacity and efficiency, proactively with the future in focus.

To achieve sustained success, we must focus on our most valuable asset, our HUMAN CAPITAL. Specifically in human resources, this challenge for capacity building is twofold:

  1. First, civil aviation is now at its lowest due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but aviation will pick up sooner or later, and we need to be prepared and ensure that this slow but sure expansion of aviation services is facilitated and well managed.

  2. Second, aviation has not been spared from the demographic challenges facing many industrial sectors, especially those in need of highly qualified and technologically skilled recruits.

It is imperative to strengthen the competence of today's aviation professionals while working on succession planning for the next generation of aviation professionals essential to achieving sustainable success. In other words, it is important to develop a skilled group of current and new generation aviation professionals.

The answer to these challenges is that adequate aviation training and other training opportunities are available based on a well thought-out capacity-building strategy and to ensure that entry barriers for new civil aviation professionals are minimized as much as possible.

The key to success is to establish and designate an aviation training organization that complies with international SARPs, capable and qualified to support government and aviation authorities in aviation training management and capacity-building. Equally important is to independently manage and exchange information between governments and states, operators, training organizations and other stakeholders to strengthen aviation training intelligence and partnering with partner organizations capable of meeting specific aviation training needs identify and provide resources to support related initiatives.

Training aviation professionals is the catalyst for achieving state safety objectives and an efficient global aviation system. It is imperative that the government and all other aviation stakeholders take the necessary steps to support related efforts and start planning the implementation of a well-defined capacity building strategy.

In a rapidly changing context, as a agile and resilient organization capable of keeping its strategic focus alive, not only helps to weather the storm but is also will be able to effectively position itself for the 'new normal'.

Looking beyond the rigors of COVID-19, what opportunities can the challenge and change of today's aviation industry provide for its resilient and organizational fit for tomorrow? In times of crisis, the new opportunities emerging from new standards may not seem immediately obvious.

PMC Global Aviation

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