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Aviation is an important economic pillar

It is important to practice Inclusion and Diversity to provide equal access to opportunities for our people.


aviation is an important economic pillar that generates economic growth, creates jobs and promotes international trade and tourism.


To achieve sustainable success, we must focus on our most valuable asset, our HUMAN CAPITAL. It is imperative to strengthen the competence of today's aviation professionals while working on succession planning for the next generation of aviation professionals, which is essential to achieving sustainable success. In other words, it is important to develop a skilled group of current and new generation aviation professionals.

This is to strengthen the availability of qualified and skilled aviation professionals to strengthen the oversight organization and the aviation community as a whole who are competent and proficient in planning, coordinating, managing, executing, maintaining and overseeing all complex aviation activities across all disciplines.

Before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, our civil aviation security oversight was found not to fully comply with international requirements (FAA & ICAO) to ensure that the aviation industry complies with international aviation standards and recommended practices (SARPs ).

Therefore, it is very important to work on (among others) an aviation training and capacity building strategy that sets out the personnel requirements for the aviation community to address performance issues identified in audit reports and performance issues identified during inspections and / or analysis. To ensure that the entire aviation industry meets the requirements of the FAA-IASA program (CAT 1) and at the same time with the ICAO-USOAP.

PMC Global advocates a concerted effort for the success of sustainable aviation safety performance with capacity and efficiency, proactively with a view to the future.

In conclusion, as we continue to prepare for recovery, the aviation industry will need to find ways to innovate, protect key infrastructure, encourage investment, strengthen oversight and work on human resource development and capacity building.

Every stakeholder has a role to play in this and of course they have to overcome challenges, but by working together, the aviation industry will remain strong, resilient and reliable.

PMC Global is looking forward to a better and tighter aviation future, together.

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