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A Sustainable Air Navigation Infrastructure.

CNS new technology

Curaçao is an island that enjoys a strategic geographic position, which grants it many benefits. It is close to both North and South America, and it belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Caribbean basin. This enables Curaçao to be a global hub that can establish solid business and cooperative relationships in these regions.

With a Flight Information Region that is not just a geographical area that covers the airspace of Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, and part of the Caribbean Sea, it is also a strategic asset that provides air traffic control and navigation services to hundreds of flights every day, ensuring safety and efficiency in one of the busiest regions in the world. The Curaçao FIR plays a vital role in connecting North America, South America, and Europe, as well as facilitating tourism and trade in the Caribbean.

Caribbean region FIRs

Enhanced flight procedures in the Curaçao Flight Information Region were designed and implemented recently. As the demand for air travel grows and new technologies emerge, Curaçao need to seize the opportunity to continuously enhance its safety, efficiency, and environmental performance.

The Curaçao Flight information Region is a key asset for the air transport sector, as it enables better performance in terms of safety, efficiency, and environmental impact. For example; by reducing the separations between aircraft and optimizing the flight routes, the Curaçao FIR can help achieve significant reductions in CO2 emissions, as well as economic benefits for airlines and customer satisfaction. Moreover, the Curaçao FIR connects the aviation markets of North and South America with the Caribbean and Central America, creating opportunities for regional cooperation and integration.

To achieve sustainability, it is important to monitor together and work with our Air Navigation Service Providers and other key stakeholders to ensure that continuously the design meets needs and expectations.

Oceanic airspace is a challenging environment for communication, navigation, and surveillance. To improve the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of operations in this domain, we need to adopt innovative solutions that leverage the latest technologies, to achieve a robust and resilient air transport system and aviation value-chain.

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